Our Top 3 Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Cannabis is more accepted and widely available than ever before. As more and more people engage with the plant and its therapeutic properties, others are looking to start cultivating it from the comfort of home. 

Whether you are beginning your first garden or looking to add a few new marijuana strains to your growing rotation this year, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at three of the top cannabis seeds and strains available for sale in 2022.

Girl Scout Cookies

There are few strains in the cannabis industry that will generate instant interest quite like Girl Scout Cookies, otherwise known as GSC. Developed as a crossbreeding project between Durban Poison and OG Kush, GSC has become a dominant contender at many Cannabis Cup competitions since its introduction to the scene.

Strain History

Sometimes known by the name Berner’s Cookies, GSC is purported to have been introduced by a San Franciscan rapper named Berner.  Berner would develop the Cookies brand into a mainstream success while riding the popularity of GSC along the way. Since then, GSC has become a staple in dispensaries and smoke circles around the country.

Through prodigious breeding efforts, GSC is able to sport THC percentages between 25 and 30%, often with boosted levels of CBN and CBD. The well-rounded cannabinoid profile brings novice consumers to a halt while forcing experienced smokers to reconsider how much they need to medicate to get to the appropriate level.

As an immensely popular strain in the cannabis zeitgeist at the moment, there have been numerous phenotypes developed with success from this strain, including Thin Mint Cookies and Platinum Cookies.

Strain Effects

While everything from the THC percentage to the name itself is appealing, the effects of Girl Scout Cookies are what makes it a truly winning strain. As a balanced hybrid with relatively bountiful levels of THC, GSC is quick to leave smokers questioning where they are in both space and time. Wave after wave of euphoria will kickstart a session with GSC, but the couch lock will help finish it off.

GSC is ideal for use at any time of day or night thanks to the relatively balanced high. With a spike of energy and euphoria to begin the journey, GSC eventually transitions into giving you a series of giggle fits and periods of introspection, ultimately leaving you ensconced on your couch.

As a result of its terpene profile and balanced effects, Girl Scout Cookies has been turned to by medical patients to treat symptoms pertaining to:

  • Stress
  • Chronic Aches / Pains
  • Insomnia

Purple Star

Are you ready to pass out beneath a sea of stars? Purple Star is a legendary indica strain brought to life by the team of breeders at Dutch Passion. Ideal for treating and addressing symptoms of insomnia and anxiety, this strain has quickly become the go-to option for individuals looking to relax and take a break from their stress.

Strain History

Unless you were in the room when Dutch Passion began cultivating their iconic Purple Star strain, you likely won’t know its genetic history. Obscured intentionally, all we know of this strain is that it provides ample levels of relaxation balanced by subtle punches of euphoria.

Thanks to their tightly sealed genetic secrets, it is hard to get a read on what exactly is going on inside the plant. We know that the bright green bud transitions into orange pistils. Notes of berry and skunk should fill any grow room where this strain is cultivated.

Strain Effects

A traditional indica in every sense of the word, this indica strain provides an initial body buzz that fades into a warm and comfortable tingle. With mood-lifting properties and euphoria-inducing effects, Purple Star is a solid strain to end the night when relaxation is the focus.

Amnesia Haze

Wait, what were we talking about again?

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is revered for its high levels of THC and traditional landrace effects. Despite its name, this high-functioning strain is great to start your morning or to make it through the heart of the day.

Strain History

The genetic history of Amnesia Haze is relatively obscured, though we do know it is a cross between Thai x Hawaiian x Afghani cannabis seeds that creates a meticulously balanced and cerebral high.  This sativa-leading strain would end up scoring the top spot in the 2012 Sativa Cup.

This strain was reportedly first introduced to the commercial market by a company in Amsterdam (First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds), and it would win the top spot at the 2004 Cannabis Cup shortly thereafter. There are many phenotypes of this strain rolling around in the industry with slight variations among them.

Strain Effects

While the name of the strain might inspire you to question your memory, its actual effects run to the contrary. Bright green buds break open to reveal notes of tang and cedar, providing a spicy yet citrus-fueled odor. These scents hint at the energizing terpenes prevalent throughout the strain’s cultivation.

As a result of its unique genetic backstory, this strain tends to provide a rich and fully featured experience for cannabis consumers and enthusiasts. Some consumers remark that Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds can be grown into a mentally and physically invigorating strain, helping those with ADD focus on the tasks before them. Others note that the strain operate effectively as an appetite booster, making it a great option for individuals dealing with symptoms pertaining to weight loss.

Despite its strong sativa roots, the indica side of the strain definitely makes itself known. An overlay of relaxation chases you throughout the high as you let the cerebral energy burn its way through your system.

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