Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Why Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds make your life so much easier. You can purchase world-class feminized seeds from the best seed bank and make your growing process effortless. Stop worrying about irritating male flowers now.

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Why Feminized Marijuana Seeds Are So Important

What are Feminized Seeds?

Producers use feminized seeds to create only female plants. Regular seeds have a 50% chance of making unwanted male plants.

Female plants are essential because they produce consumable flowers, whereas male plants do not. As a result, regular seeds are risky compared with feminized seeds.

Female plants are essential because they produce consumable flowers, whereas male plants do not. As a result, regular seeds are risky compared with feminized seeds.

The History of Feminized Seeds

Although creating feminized plant seeds has occurred throughout agricultural history, producing female marijuana seeds didn’t begin until the 1980s. There are various ways to make feminized seeds, yet they all rely on stressing a female plant until it becomes hermaphroditic and creates pollen. As the years have passed, producers have become more efficient at producing feminized seeds.

Why are Feminized Seeds Good?

1. You Don’t Worry About Male Seeds

When you’re growing cannabis, you need to avoid male seeds at all costs. Male plants can destroy a whole harvest because they pollinate the marijuana seeds of young female plants. When that occurs, all the flowers will contain male seeds, thus decreasing the quality and value of the marijuana.
However, feminized seeds are a safe option. By increasing the likelihood your seeds will produce female plants, you’ll remove the possibility of growing a male plant that doesn’t produce

2. You Won’t Waste Time

Female marijuana seeds are perfect if you’re looking for simplicity and practicality. They allow you to germinate the ideal number of plants at any given time. However, when you use regular seeds, you’ll need to use twice as many plants to ensure enough female plants are on the farm. Removing plants takes away your time, and you risk not noticing a male plant.

3. You Can Train the Plants Early On

When working with regular seeds, you’re often reluctant to train the plants early on because you’re anxious about male plants. However, with feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about male plants. You can apply all types of plant training to enhance the total harvest and canopy. Therefore, you don’t waste time, labor, or nutrients when using female marijuana seeds. 

4. You Have Widespread Choice

Fortunately, the marketplace for feminized seeds is large. You have an incredible choice of feminized seeds. Many of the old seed banks didn’t focus on regular seeds due to lack of demand. However, you don’t need to worry about choice when you purchase feminized seeds.

5. You Don’t Need to Change Storage Conditions

When you use feminized marijuana seeds, you don’t need to change storage conditions. Feminized marijuana seeds use the same storage conditions as regular seeds. You should keep them in a dark and dry place with a temperature between 5 and 7 celsius. For example, the refrigerator door is a great spot.