BC God Bud Strain Profile: The Award-Winning and Game-Changing Bud

The cannabis revolution has helped fuel extreme advances in genetic growth among indica and sativa strains. Few companies have taken this world of possibility and ran with it quite as Best Cannabis Bud Depot did with their BC God Bud strain.

BC God Bud is revered as an award-winning indica-dominant strain with THC levels in excess of 27%. Known as a hard-hitting indica with a heavy couch-lock and excellent pain-relieving properties, it is easy to understand why the team at BC Bud Depot was so excited to share their creation with the world.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of BC Bud Depot’s award-winning icon, the BC God Bud strain.

BC God Bud: General Strain Information

Any time you put the word “God” in a product, you are setting your consumers up for high expectations. Also known as Purple God Bud, the God Bud strain is a famous indica-dominant hybrid (60:40) with high THC levels and a relatively mysterious genetic background. Winner of the BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup for “World’s Best Indica,” these seeds have some seriously high standards to live up to.

Plant Genetics and Lineage

Planet genetics and lineage for BC God Bud relies upon Purple Skunk (hybrid) and Hawaiian (sativa). Bred and developed by Jordan of the Islands, BC God Bud also incorporates a third parent in its genetic lineage that remains unnamed to this day. This unnamed God strain is what sets BC God Bud apart from many of its competitors on the market.

Fans of BC God Bud love it for its multi-faceted effects, its gorgeous bag appeal, and the intense euphoria that fuels much of the strain’s invigorating high. Will BC Bud Depot ever reveal the mysterious third strain that gives their BC God Bud its euphoria?

Primary Flavors and Effects

BC God Bud is notoriously dark with purple hues over top of a bright green bud structure. The smell of the bud is pungent and earthy with a sweet and almost chocolate-like note atop it all. This distinct fragrance lends itself to even stronger flavors as users report skunk, pine, sweet notes, and a strong earthy bite throughout the entire experience. Consumers report that earthy flavors are most notable during inhalation, while tropical flavors show up in the exhalation thanks to the Hawaiian lineage.

Flavors described when inhaling BC God Bud include berry, lavender, and pine notes. A tropical blend of fruity flavors shows that the crop was cultivated correctly, imbuing the plant with the aroma and tastes that led to its name.

Medical Benefits of BC God Bud

As one of the most potent indica strains on the market, BC God Bud seeds are turned to for their purported medicinal benefits within the cannabis community. A strong indica with a cerebral tilt, BC God Bud is an ideal strain for attending to chronic stress, migraines, mood disorders, and anxiety. God Bud also provides individuals with advanced levels of relief that may be helpful when addressing sleep disorders such as insomnia.

God Bud is best suited for use late at night thanks to these soporific effects. BC God Bud is a relaxing strain that is great for experienced and novice users alike. Ideal for unwinding after a long and tough day, God Bud takes the stress out of the day with every exhale.

BC God Bud is a solid choice for medicinal cannabis advocates as it relieves many symptoms associated with stress, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Growing BC God Bud at Home

Growing BC God Bud at home is something of an uphill battle as it can be a fickle strain to cultivate. Novice cultivators might be better off starting with a more tolerant indica, or something like the White Widow, to ensure positive results on their first harvest.

BC God Bud can be grown both hydroponically and within a soil setup. High maintenance, BC God Bud will yield more than 4 ounces per square meter when grown indoors, a significantly smaller yield than many other competitive strains. Despite low overall yields, BC God Bud is fast to flowering with a flowering time of just seven or eight weeks.

When grown outdoors, BC God Bud is flexible in colder climates, though it does best when temperatures hover around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. BC God Bud that is raised outside will see its yield drop precipitously to just 3 ounces per plant. To maximize the overall yield of a crop, growers can prune their plants back every few days throughout the flowering stage. Do not prune for more than three weeks in the flowering phase, or else you might actually inhibit the plant’s ability to grow.

Ideal places to aim at for trimming include near the bud sites, all leaves that are dying due to a lack of light, and any branches that are lost in the canopy and receiving suboptimal sunlight.

Growers will find the most luck when they take proper care to calibrate the feeding schedule and soil system that their BC God Bud is growing in. Utilizing bat guano while carefully calibrating your pH levels can go a long way toward maximizing overall yield production.

BC God Bud is available through BC Bud Depot in feminized, regular, and bulk seed packs.

Award-Winning Strain

God Bud is one of BC Bud Depot’s most-prized strains. Recognized as an industry leader in cultivation, BC Bud Depot continually strives to push the limits of its breeding capabilities. BC Bud Depot was quick to secure the 2019 Grow Up Awards for Best Seed Bank, while the BC God Bud strain itself took home the “#1 Overall” at the 2011 Prairie 1st Annual Medical Cup. Other high-profile awards for God Bud include winning the 2004 High Times Indica Cup.

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