CBD Elixir

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BCBD presents CBD Elixir! For CBD enthusiasts everywhere, this cross seemed like a no-brainer and did not disappoint. Easing anxiety while increasing alertness, CBD Elixir has remarkable therapeutic versatility, making it an excellent choice for treating nausea or pain or for detoxing off of pharmaceuticals. With above average yields and a short flowering time of just 8 weeks, the terpene profile of this strain is also nothing short of stupendous. Overall, an amalgamation of high CBD and lower THC cannabinoid levels lead to a very mellow but uplifting and energetic high, and a very happy one at that.


12 Seed Pack
USD 90.00
20 Seed Pack
USD 150.00
50 Seed Pack
USD 300.00
100 Seed Pack
USD 500.00